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For over 30 years Belnap & Brown Physical Therapy has provided balance rehabilitation and Physical Therapy for the Idaho Falls community. As our patients, you will always receive the quality care you deserve!

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Are you in pain? Have you been getting dizzy? Or are you struggeling with decreasing balance? If so, contact us about a FREE pain or balance assessment with a qualified Physical Therapists.

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We are your the balance experts and the only Physical Therapy clinic with the NeuroCom® Balance Master® Systems and training to accurately evaluate your vestibular system (Balance center)!

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We are a multifaceted Physical Therapy company! First, we are considered the balance experts and are the only physical therapy clinic in Southeastern Idaho that utilizes the NeuroCom® Balance Master® Systems which are specifically designed and considered the Gold Standard in the industry for vestibular rehabilitation. This allows us the ability to provide objective assessment and retraining of the sensory and voluntary motor control of balance. Using visual biofeedback on either a stable or unstable support surface and in a stable or dynamic visual environment, we can assess patients performing tasks ranging from essential daily living activities through high-level athletic skills. The objective data guides our treatment and/or training programs so we may focus on the specific sensory and motor deficits that cause our patient's limitations. Second, we are specialists when it comes to sports and orthopedic injuries. In fact, we have one of the only board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists in Idaho Falls. We have experience working with athletes from little league, high school, and college to the NBA. We have also been certified in the management of concussions in sports training! We are passionate about proper precaution and rehabilitation following mild traumatic brain injury (MTIB)/concussions and have extensive protocols to make sure that when you return to the field/court/pitch or ice you are 100%!
Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). What is that you may be wondering? VRT is an exercise-based program, designed by one of our specialized physical therapists to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems. Through an extensive evaluation that starts with medical history and includes analyzing posture, observing gait (walking), a variety of balance testing and analysis and measurement of eye-head coordination to see how well a person’s eyes track a moving object with or without head movement. This gives us information on how your balance systems (sensory information from your eyes (visual system), muscles, tendons, and joints (proprioceptive input), and the balance organs in the inner ear (vestibular system)) are working.
At Belnap & Brown physical therapy we know how important it is to be able to live your life without pain and limitations. For some, it may be walking outside with confidence, working in the garden, picking up your child, playing the sports you love or maybe working without restrictions. We believe that we have a responsibility, the proper tools and education to give you the capacity to control your own health and destiny!

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Stability & Balance Disorders

Dizziness & Vertigo (BPPV)

Sports Injuries

Concussion & Head Injuries

Post-Surgical Orthopedic Rehabilitation

TMJ, TMD & Headache Management

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About Us

We are considered balance experts and are the only physical therapy clinic in Southeastern Idaho that utilizes the NeuroCom® Balance Master® Systems which are specifically designed for vestibular rehabilitation

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